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Sitting for too long can
seriously impact your health

No matter how often you exercise, sitting for a long period of time can seriously impact your health. Most people spend long hours sitting down on a daily basis. At the same time, most people are not aware of proper sitting posture and are not aware that it can lead to serious consequences on health.

Sitting down for long hours everyday slows down blood circulation, it increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, it causes stifness and back pain, especially if you are sitting in a bad posture. Improve your sitting posture and relieve backpain with Backjoy Sitsmart.

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What is a Backjoy Sitsmart?

Backjoy Sitsmart is an innovative seat cushion that prevents and relieves back pain by optimizing your sitting posture. It works by tilting your hips upward, hence automatically positions your body in correct sitting posture. Backjoy is specifically designed to provide comfort by floating your spine over any type of seat, hence sitting will feel natural and comfortable. Backjoy products are suitable for any type of seat such as office chairs, car seats, hard bleachers and even soft couches.

Without Sitsmart, typical sitting posture can have serious impact on your posture and health. Prevention is always better than cure. Take good care of your health, improve your posture and make life more comfortable with Backjoy Sitsmart.

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Sitsmart Posture Relief
Posture Plus

Waterproof, Heat Resistant. Great for on the go.

RM239 RM215

Sitsmart Posture Relief
Posture Relief

Features foam padding for extra comfort

RM239 RM201

Sitsmart Posture Plus Kids
Posture Plus Kids

Raise your children to have good posture

RM179 RM161

Sitsmart Posture Relief
Posture Tech Gel

Features silicon gel for cool, non slippery surface.

RM209 RM188

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No matter which type you choose, Backjoy SitSmart will position your body in correct sitting posture. The only difference is the surface materials that covers the seat.