5 Ways to Prevent Type 2-Diabetes

Given the serious consequences emanating from insulin resistance and Type-2 diabetes, preventing this disease is certainly our best weapon in reducing the damage caused by a surplus of blood sugar. Luckily for us, the preventive potential is extraordinary: Adopting a healthy lifestyle can prevent up to 90% of Type-2 diabetes cases! To see how we can reduce the risk of diabetes, let’s review some lifestyle factors:


  1. Maintain a healthy body weight

Given that excess weight and obesity are instrumental in the development of Type -2 diabetes, maintaining a normal body weight is an essential aspect of any preventive approach. Losing just 5kg, even over several years, can reduce the disk of diabetes by 50%!


  1. Reduce intake of high-sugar foods

Pay particular attention to the amount and especially the type of carbohydrates you consume. There are three main types of carbohydrates.

  • Simple sugars – like those in fruits, dairy products, maple syrup, honey or sugars added to various products sold in grocery stores. Sugar surplus is sometimes difficult to identify as the industry uses many sources of sugar in its preparation of food products.
  • Starches – found in cereals, potatoes, and certain vegetables. Generally, the sugar present in foods in starch form is digested more slowly than simple sugars.
  • Dietary plant fibres – found only in plant products such as vegetables, fruits and whole grains. These fibres are complex so our stomach cannot digest the and only the bacteria present in our intestines can extract a small amount of their sugar content.

Consuming more dietary plant fibres will greatly reduce the rapid spike of insulin as the intestine breaks down these sugars much more slowly, causing sugar to appear gradually in the blood and produce less insulin. To distinguish the effects of carbohydrates on blood glucose, a blood glucose meter would help.


  1. Choose the right fats

Oleic acids like olive oil, has an anti-inflammatory action, thereby reducing the risk of insulin resistance. Using olive oil as the main fat combined with sustained omega-3 intake is a key element in preventing diabetes.


  1. Ditch the sugary drinks for good ol’ healthy water

Sticking with water most of the time helps you avoid beverages that are high in sugar, preservatives and other questionable ingredients. Other than the obvious soda, fruit juice and artificially sweetened beverages should also be avoided.


  1. Exercise!

Regular exercise is essential for Type-2 diabetes prevention as muscles are the main organs involved in the absorption of glucose in response to insulin. Regular exercise (like brisk walking) for 2.5 hours a week will help prevent Type-2 diabetes.

Additionally, for the best prevention possible, it is highly recommended to get a lancing device to examine your blood sugar level.

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