At home solution for skin imperfections, simple is always the best.


No time for beauty shop? A great facial mask could help.

Sometimes there's no need for the spa, a simple facial mask can be your at-home solution for skin imperfections. Also called face masks, these skincare items can benefit all skin types, just make sure you choose the correct product tailored to your needs.

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There are a variety of facial masks available in the market. Some of the face masks are to be worn at night, while you are sleeping. There are also face masks that you can use before taking a bath or shower for a short time period. Even face masks can be made at home with the help of some easily available ingredients from your kitchen. No matter which type of mask you choose to wear, keep in mind that it will hugely benefit your skin.

Beat Dry Skin - Hydrating masks are the key to beating dry skin. White algae, yogurt, rosewater and green tea are just some of the ingredients you may find in a hydrating facial mask. Use the mask after cleansing, but before putting on night cream.

Draw Out Imperfections - Facial masks can also benefit oily skin, but you should stay away from hydrating versions that may actually make your skin oilier. Instead, look for clay-based masks, as well as those that contain red algae. Such ingredients have the capability of drawing out dirt and excess oils, while tightening your pores.

Defy Aging Skin - Certain face masks are loaded with antioxidants, and are made specifically for aging skin. Such masks can give your face a smoother and brighter appearance, while minimizing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Seek out masks that have extracts from acai berries, kojic acid, licorice extract or retinol to aid in resurfacing the skin.

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