Your life and useful healthcare goods

Bedroom, spend your time in the comfort of safety with items of support.

Risk: Staying long hours in bed and not moving will lead to atrophy or weakening of the muscles. To keep the function of your muscles, get up from the bed slowly and use a walking stick to walk around the room and exercise your muscles.

Risk: If you do not have a good transfer board from bed to wheelchair or vice versa, accidents may occur. Using a good transfer board or a safe transfer method is crucial to safety.


Living Room, spend valuable time with your family safely.

Risk: Elders spend most of their time watching TV in the living room. Often times, proper sitting posture is forgotten. When sitting with a bad posture for too long, it becomes difficult for the elderly to breathe and eat properly. The wheelchair needs to be adjusted to help keep their posture upright and proper.


Bathroom and Toilet, refresh yourself without worry for safety.

Risk: Slippery bathrooms may lead to dangerous head injuries. Proper bathroom supports are needed to keep the elderly safe while taking a shower or going to the toilet.


Outdoors, taking in fresh air and staying active is the key to a long, happy and healthy life.

Risk: Staying at home and living a sedentary lifestyle would lead to muscle atrophy. To keep your muscle functions, you should have reliable mobility aids to support you in moving around.

Risk: Walking without good quality mobility aids may lead to accidents easily. Finding suitable mobility aids (walking stick, walker or wheelchair) to support your ability is important to travel safely.


Travel, enjoy life safely with family and friends.

Risk: Traveling long distances has always been a challenge for the elderly. To keep their muscles active and be able to travel the distance with their families, choose a suitable mobility aid for the elderly so that the whole family can travel happily and safely together.


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