Better Posture, better focus, better health, higher productivity.

In a typical day, these are the occasions we spend sitting.

  1. During breakfast
  2. In the car or public transport to work
  3. While working at your desk
  4. In a meeting
  5. During lunch
  6. During dinner
  7. Watching TV

Can you imagine how much time you spend on sitting? Probably two thirds of your day is spent sitting. Now imagine if you are not sitting correctly. What will happen in the long run? 

A series of events could happen if you sit incorrectly over a long period of tiem. It will impact your posture which will then cause pain on your lower back and neck. While being in discomfort or pain, our focus and concentration will be affected. We will be less productive. There are also health impact,  research has shown that poor posture compresses digestive system and leaves them incapable of functioning the way they should. So you see, sitting should not be taken lightly.

BackJoy SitSmart is a product that was created to help us sit correctly. It was designed to :

  1. Tilts the pelvic upright to correct posture
  2. Cups muscle to relieve pressure and pain
  3. Floats you in comfort above the seat like a shock absorber for your spine

These 3 function works effective as 95% of BackJoy users reported to experience less pain. 

It is lightweight, small and looks good. You can take it literally anywhere. To work. To school. In the car. In the bus. To the park and so on.

Get a BackJoy SitSmart  today, click here for more details. Beware of fake BackJoy SitSmart being sold all over the internet. Buy from an authorized dealer. Homecare Shop is the authorized master distrubtor of BackJoy in Malaysia. Check out our article on how to spot fake BackJoy SitSmart.



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