Posture care when watching television

Watching television and sitting down for long hours is actually bad for your health and body posture. Because most people are not aware of proper sitting posture, common problems occurred such as back pain, stiffness, and poor body posture. Here's a few ways to prevent & relieve backpain and improve your body posture:


1. Cold or Hot Therapy

A simple way of relieving new instances of back pain, is to ice the affected area. Sitting for too long or immobility will cause inflammation in the muscles. Ice therapy would be needed to calm the inflammation so that your muscles may return to its original state. Continue the cold treatment as needed for three days. Conversely, if you’ve had ongoing  back pain for long periods of time, hot pack would be advised. The heat will help loosen tight muscles to provide relief and also helps other treatments work better. I.e., massage or Com-Tens. If melting ice doesn’t sound too appealing or having troubles finding a vessel to hold hot fluids, Cold Hot Pack is a great and convenient option. It can be cooled or heated depending on your needs.


2. Release those Knots!

When we think of a luxurious way to relax, massages tends to pop in mind. The feeling of a skilled masseuse releasing the tight knots in our muscles and leaving us feeling pampered and relaxed. Unfortunately, massages are expensive and inconvenient. The next best thing is massage balls! Just place the ball between the affected area and the wall or the back of your couch and roll the affected area for 10-15 minutes. You can use any small balls like tennis balls, lacrosse balls or massage balls. Top Tip: To increase its effectiveness, use it after cold or hot treatment!


3. Stretch

If you’ve read our article about running, you would understand the importance of stretching before a physical activity. As important as it is to stretch before an active activity, it is equally as important to stretch during long periods of inactivity. Regular stretchings are great but if you are looking to strengthen weak muscles or build muscle endurance, adding exercise bands into your stretching routine would be quite time efficient and it can also help relieve tension on your shoulders and back while watching the game!


4. BackJoy SitSmart

A healthy spine is an S-Shaped spine. We tend to experience back pains when there are abnormalities to the shape of the spine. Sitting causes our pelvic bones to lock and we lose the natural S-Shape curve of our back whenever we are in a sitting position. Due to the loss of the S-Shape, we start to experience pain in our back. BackJoy SitSmart supports and ‘floats’ our pelvic bones and brings back the S-Shape even when we’re sitting! Ensuring we stave away the pain and encourage good posture while watching the game!


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